Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013

Using a netbook has really helped me with my writing skills and a lot of things from my teachers and friends. My teachers has helped me in a lots of things like in math learning algebra, learning what techniques in writing and reading. Everyone in senior block has learnt a new thing from the internet.

When I first got my netbook in year six I didn’t know how to use it but now it’s like using a knife and fork for dinner. When you're working with you teachers and friends you can make a new document on google docs and share it. You can work on the internet instead of paper and pencil. I think using a netbook is easier than paper.
Using a netbook has helped me in a lot of ways like in maths I have really learnt a lot from the internet, I have use extra math, math whizz and more. The most improvement I’ve made sense I got my netbook is my writing. I like using a netbook because it’s better than paper and pencil and it’s easier to find information about what going on in the world.

Prize Giving 2013

Last night was our senior prize giving for 2013, it was really fun to see all the items that were put together. The whole thing started at 7pm And the kapa haka performed a waiata to get things away. Everyone was clapping and cheering and then Mr Burt announced the awards for team 4. After all the prizes were let out the year 5’s did there item.

When they finished their dance it was the year six’s turn for there prizes. There was one girl that stood out and got a lot of prizes for sports, she was amazing at rugby and league. It was time for the item,
they all got up and got on the stage. There dance was so amazing I really love it.

It was the year 7’s and the year 8’s which is my years turn to get some prizes. After that it was the year 7’s turn to do their dance it was the fresh prince of bel air,I know all the words to the song. It was time the time I was waiting for the sports awards, I didn't know that I was getting a team spirit award for rugby league. “Now is the year 8 item” Mr Burt said so everyone got into their positions. We finish our performance and we sat down to sing a song. At the end of prize giving I got ready to go home, I really like our prize giving this year.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a great man, he was the first black president of Africa and he made apartheid disappear. If you don’t know who he is then I don’t think you come from this planet. He went to prison for 27 years for trying to stop apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid is when the black and white people live in two separate worlds. What he was known for is that he gave black people rights to being non-discriminated.

He is a hero to everyone in the world. It’s so sad that he has died but he is still in your hearts.
Rest in Pest Nelson Mandela

Monday, December 9, 2013

Year 8 Camp

On tuesday the year 8 students from Pt England school went to Rotorua for camp,the campsite we went to was called keswick. We got a tutorial around the camp is was a pretty big area. When we pack all of our gear in our cabins we went for a hike up a mountain. We started going up the hill and then my friend Crusader started running so I ran with him. At the end I was so happy I finish I couldn’t wait to sit down on the bus and sleep.

On wednesday Morning we all went for a run, two laps around the camp. We sat down and waited for breakfast so we did our karakia and Hemene. When breakfast was ready we all went inside and started eating. After a while we went on a bus to the mud pools. when we got back to the campsite all the boys went for a swim.

Thursday the weather was really bad it was raining really had. We went for a walk around blue lake and after we went for a swim. After the swim I was really cold but then I put two jumpers on. It was so cold we got back to the camp and I put warm clothes on but Mrs Nua said that we're going to the pools.

The last day was really fun We pack up everything and stack it on the bus. The bus driver took us to the luge but we had to take a gondola up to the place. We got our helmets on and the instructor told us how to ride it. When it was my turn I went really fast but at the end the last turn I crashed. On the bus I had a big sleep and when I woke up and we were in auckland in panmure.
The year 8 camp was really fun thanks to the teachers that put it together for us.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Waitangi Launch

During the year there were a group of students that got pick to go up to waitangi, I was one of them. Our school was pick to make a promotional video for a contest about waitangi. We had to make two movies to show why the treaty of waitangi was made and what the prize was. The promotional video was shown last week at the westpac building in town and we got to go.

On friday at 12:30 the group that got to go to waitangi got on a bus and went into town. As soon as we got there I was nervous because we were going to be on the news. We lined up into two rows so we could fit on the red carpet. Everyone got a name tag and then went up to the top level for the launch.

We got told to sing a waiata to the Governor general as he walks in. When he walk in we all got up and sang for him. When we finish we sat down and the started the launch. We watch our movies and the Governor general spoke about waitangi. When it finished the governor general told us “ a you’s hungry well lets go and eat”. There was caramel slice, nachos, miniature burgers and more.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The voice from above

“Hello who’s there what do you want” I asked with a crack in my voice.I turned around and know one was there but then I heard something “ Kingston”. “ Who who is that” I replied as I was running with a tear in my eye. I kept looking around to see if any one was at home with me but there was no to be seen. I didn't know what to do so I hid in my room under my bed.

Under my bed waiting for my mum to come home I heard a voice and it said “ Kingston come out from under your bed”. I had know idea what to do so I yelled ‘NOOOOOO”but then I heard it again and again. So I got up and said “who are you...... what what do want from me”. “ I'm not here to harm you” “What”. So I said with great mana “well then who are you”,

“ I'm a spirit “.

“I was sent down from above to lead you on your path”. I was shocked I couldn’t believe it at first but after a few minutes I knew it was true. “What is this all about”, “well my boy I’m here to help you think what you want in the future say you want to be a sports player I can help with that”. “ It’s all about which path you want to take starting from now”.

standing there like a tall tree thinking about what he said to me . But there and then I said “ can you help me with anything involving things I want in life” he said “ yes”. “ I'm going to pick the right path and follow my dreams and inspirations I am going to do something around sports”.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

On Thursday last week we had five speakers come to our school. They talked about what they're doing with there life. There was even a kid around my age that came to talk to us.

We got split up into year 7’s and 8’s, the year 8’s went into the street which is the intermediate block. We had two speakers come with us the, first speakers name was Mosa he is studying at the University of Auckland. At the moment he’s studying politics and something in pacific rights. He was so funny, he gave some boys 2 dollars for getting some questions right.

The other speakers had a lot of interesting jobs like a marine biologist and even more. But there was a speaker that stood out to me, and his name was Christen Pang. He his 11 and is starting University next year for mathematic.

I was so amazed with everyone that came to talk to us. It made me think of what I want to do in life.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First day of school

This is my second draft

Walking to school with a big smile on my face, my mum said to me “you're going to have fun don’t worry”. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do because I didn’t know anyone . She left like she had super speed, I couldn’t see her so I Awkwardly walk inside the classroom and said hi to my teacher her name was Mrs Maude.

I hooked my school bag on a hanger and sat down waiting nervously. I was about to bawl my eyes out when this boy came up to me and said “Do you want to play with me”. “YEEEAAAH” I just made my first friend “WOW”.

We played lots of games like lego and other sorts. BUT.... when mrs Maude called me to her table I didn’t know what to expected. I sat down and she gave me a book to read. “ You did well Kingston ” Mrs maude said to me. I was so happy that I jumped of my chair.

Brrrrrrrr Brrrrr Brrrrrr I wondered what the sound was So I ask my teacher “Mrs Maude what was that sound it sounded like the fire alarm”. She said “ no silly that’s the morning tea bell my darling”.

Getting my lunch box out of my bag like it was gold I had know idea what to eat. So I got yummy sandwiches out and ate the whole lot. I was still hungry so I nearly ate my whole lunch.

Playing around with my new friends was really fun. I still play with my friends from when I was little to now.

Today we had 40 minutes to write about our first day of school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term.

Walking to school with a big smile on my face, my mum said to me “you're going to have fun don’t worry”. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do because I didn’t know anyone in room 2. She left like she had super speed, I couldn’t see her so I Awkwardly walk inside and said hi to my teacher her name was Mrs Maude.

I hooked my school bag on a hanger and sat down waiting nervously. I was about to bawl my eyes out when this boy came up to me and said “Do you want to play with me”. “YEEEAAAH I just made my first friend at school” I said to myself.We played lots of game but when mrs Maude called me to her table. I didn’t know what to expected. I sat down and she gave me a book to read. “ You did good Kingston well done” Mrs maude said to me. I was so happy when she said that.

Brrrrrrrr Brrrrr Brrrrrr I wondered what the sound was So I ask my teacher “Mrs Maude what was that sound” she said “ that’s the morning tea bell my darling”. Getting my lunch box out of my bag I had know idea what to eat so I got yummy sandwiches out and eat the whole lot. Playing around with my new friends was really fun I still play with my friend from when I was little to now.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spoken word Peom

Where i’m from I see people skilfully skimming rocks I see it jump 123.

I hear laughter with happy ness from my little sister splashing in the water.

I leapt up off the rock as if I was Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk in the water.

Birds flying around in the breeze squawking for some cheese.

racing against my friends I was the first to past the finish line as if I was Usain Bolt.

Where I’m from there are pictures of my family on the walls.

I hear nothing but the buttons on the cellphone when my sister is on it 24-7

I smell something burning every time my sister is straightening her hair.

I feel like turning of the tv when my dad is watching it late at night so I can get some sleep.

I taste perfume every time my family and I got out to dinner. 

I see the kids dancing to the thumping music across the street.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DLO Reflection

In my group we were doing a DLO about the great Michael Jordan,he is the best player of his era. Our plan wasn’t finished because we kept on talking and talking so miss king said that we couldn’t film. Our storyboard wasn’t finished either, so we just did an animation of Michael jordan doing the free throw line dunk. We added pictures of him and the video of his famous dunk.

The message we trying to send out to others is that Michael Jordan is the best player in the world. He has five MVPS and three all star MVPS Jordan became the most decorated player in the NBA. The animation was really fast so we had to add more to our movie. We didn’t have time to do another animation so we pictures of him and the video of the dunk..

The script was our voiceover because we thought that we were going to film but then we ended up animating. It was our fault that we couldn’t film because we did no work and kept talking for a long time. In my group was Waata, Samuela and me, we all took part in doing no work so why wouldn’t it be our fault.
W,K,S DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, September 9, 2013

B.ball tournament

After being sick all week last week Mr Barks left me a spot in the Basketball team. Miss V had to text my Mum if I was allowed to play. My Mum replayed “if he want’s to” I said yes I put a school top on  and warmed up. All the boys got the gear and jumped in the van, Mr Barks said “ Do we want to win” we all said “YES”.

Our first game was against St Thomas it was a good match against them. I don't really know what the finial score was but all I know is we won. We hoped straight into the next game we won that one to but it was as close as the first game. We had a little break before our last game.

Getting ready for the last game in our pool we were outside and warmed up. The hooter went the game started, at half time we were losing. The hooter went and the second half started we went all out but we still losed we played very good. Waiting to see if we were in the play offs we all ate our lunch and were watching the other teams play. Mr Barks came back and said we were third, we all were sad but at less we can somewhere. We came home safely it was a cool tournament.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Every year our school has Cross Country and this year I was a Takitimu helper. We got changed into our house colours. My colour is yellow like the sun shining upon us. I was holding the Takitimu sign well we were saying our chants. The first races got going all the house captains and helpers were going to cheers the runners on.

Yay “LET’S GO TAKI LETS GO”, We were saying to the Taki runners. We cheered and cheered for Taki until miss V told all of us to go and sit down and prepare for your run. So we stopped and went to sit down, I had butterflies but I didn’t let them concur me so I didn’t think about the run or about coming last.

Mr Burt said “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO”!!!! everyone started to run. Some ran as fast as they can so they could be in the front and some ran at a pasted like me. I was running with some of my mates when it was so hot we took of our t-shirts off because we were sweating like a pig. On our second lap one of my mates James slid in the mud puddles it was funny.

We Were nearly at the finish line when we stopped and were going to have a race to the finish line. 3 2 1 we started sprinting to the finish line when I stopped and jogged to the end. I drank four cups of water after the race I was so tired. It was really fun to be apart of cross country even though I didn’t first I still tried my best.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sport is one of my favourite ways of having fun. Fun, fun, fun who doesn't like having fun while playing sport of our liking. In sport you learn many new techniques in any sport you play or would like to play.

Fitness is one of the main things in lots of sports nearly all of them. Like in rugby if you're a forward you have to be able to last a long time in the game for a full 80 minutes. Exercise, you have to do lots of it to become a fit person.

My favourite athletes would have to be all of the Nrl Warriors team. Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell and more are just too good for my liking. I like other teams like the Bulldogs but the Warriors are my favourite team in the NRL.

 main thing playing sport is to enjoy yourself and have fun. ENJOY means to have a great time with your team mates and play as a team. All sports is about having fun and enjoy playing with team mates. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red


bad temper
dose work around the house
needs to get birbe to do the smallest things around the house
good little girl
bad girl
likes to walk everywhere
like to sit and do nothing

In the traditional story little red riding hood was a good little girl. In the story I read little red was a girl that didn’t like to listen to her parents. She has to be bribed to do the smallest things around the house. Her parents asked her to go to her grandmothers house but she wouldn’t go, her parents gave her money just to take cheesecake to her grandmother.


Little red has a bad temper and complains all the time she asked to do something. She was in the woods going to her grandmother's house when she saw the wolf. She started to run but the wolf was just behind her when she sprinted down to her grans house. Red waited for the wolf to run in the garden shed and she slam it. She rang the zoo and said “there's a wolf in my garden shed” “we are on the way”. She went in said and she saw a note on the bench. It said “Hi darling sorry about the ants I’m in the shed getting ant rid”. The zoo people came with a net and a gun and they opened the shed door, the wolf was sleeping. The zookeeper told little red that wolfs only sleep with a full stomach but red just remembered the note it said "I am in the shed if you need me".

Friday, June 28, 2013

Zombie and the three human's


“Hey boys are you ready I’m just around the corner” said Kington the oldest brother. As he pulled into the driveway Dee and Golden ran down the driveway, chucked their gears in the truck and were off ready for a bush sleep....


On the way to the campsite they all saw something moving slow and grooving through the woods. With a scary fact they thought it was Bigfoot following them all the way to the site. Until they saw what ever was following them they wouldn’t shut their eye’s. After a while they hopped out of the car and they couldn't see anything but nice people having fun.


They finally had set up in a tent each but lucky for the richest and oldest brother Kington who had enough money to buy him a cabin. After 8pm the camp lights had to be shut down and everyone had to go to sleep. Dee heard a noise and he thought it was just the water pipes. Rahhhhhhhh!!! and Dee ran to the other side while Golden who was playing a trick on him laughed away. Vzdrrsfhdfghdft and Both of them shouted ahhhhhhhhhhh a zombie. They were both stuck in the tent and the zombie was blocking the door. When they were trying to rip the tent the zombie bit them and then there were 3 zombies.


All three go to Kingston's cabin but can't get in. They try around the back but Kington doesn't even know what's happening. He decides to go and explore the campsite but before he left he put on a fire to warm up his house. When he was cutting the wood he saw this block that said peligro (DANGER) don't put by hot surfaces. But in spanish. But he put it inside. While he went to go get some food the 3 zombies got in the cabin, but by time they got in he was gone. KAAAAABOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!! the house and the zombies went flying. As soon kington heard and saw the explosion in the air he ran to the ranger and said his cabin just blew up.

The oldest brother Kington was looking for the two younger brothers after the explosion. He was looking for them for ages until he found there bodys in the woods. Kington was so sad that his brothers died so he looked for the killer. But he then realised that it wasn’t a human the killed him is was the explosion in his cabin. He saw a bite mark on both of their neck’s and then Kington knew something was after him when the explosion happened. Suddenly something was looking at him behind the tree is was the Zombie “ahhHhhhhhhhh”. Before you know it he was eaten alive.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oobleck experiment

If you want to make Oobleck you put in a Half a cup of cornflour and a half a cup of water in a bowl. When you put the water in the bowl that has the cornflour in it, it will become watery but then you add more cornflour to make it more thick. The mixture will become hard when it has been touched and it will be a liquid when not. It was really fun making and playing with Oobleck you should try it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking Forward To Auckland Champs

This Tuesday the Open weight team is going to Avondale to take part in the Auckland Champs tournament. The Eastern zone tournament was pretty hard because we had to play 6 games against three schools to go to Auckland champs. If we win the Auckland interzone tournament that's coming up I can say that I was apart of that team that won the auckland shield.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Narrative Story

There is nothing here but of massive gold mine looking straight at me. I was beginning to look for gold, suddenly a pack of wild wolves were running towards me. I thought for a moment there I was going to die but I killed them with my own hands.

The moment I saw the gold I was thinking of buying everything in the world. Pirates were at the back of me, one of them knocked me out and took the gold for themselves. By the way my name is Rambo and I am turning 13 in 6 days getting back to the story. The men were stunned to see me on the ground for about 5 minutes, I got up really slowly and I told my mates we are going to find them and get back our gold.

The only place you can find pirates is on the sea so we went down to the beach and looked around. We sat for a while and then I saw same people talking far away. It was the pirates I said “ they have my gold lets get them” we ran after them. They saw us so they ran to, I pushed the man who knocked me out and said don’t take my gold ever again. “ I got the gold I got the gold” I said to my mates Lets run back to the mine.

“WE HAVE THE GOLD” yay we got it, we shared it between 3 people. I was walking home looking at my gold, I tripped up and My gold went into the drain. “ My gold is gone NOOOOOOOOO” I walked home with nothing what a shame. I hear a bell when I knew it was just a dream I got up and I was laughing “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” it was a dream. Through the open door I could see A big bag of Something on the table, it had my name on it. It was the gold, what I thought it was just a Dream, The doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a pirate outside my house. I screamed “ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” don’t take my gold, Trick or treat. Lucky but I don’t have lollies sorry but then I thought for a moment The gold is chocolate silly me. :P

Friday, June 7, 2013

Obesity report

America has the most obesity people in the world. New Zealand is one of the few country's that have a lot of obese people.

If you want to know the meaning of obesity it is when you eat to mush food for your body height and age. It's a addiction to food  like take away, fast food, and junk food And all the others. Obesity gives you health problems like heart attacks heart diseases and diabetes

The effects of obesity are diabetes, lack of movement, exercise and other things. People die at a young age from obesity the youngest kid that pass away was 11years old. When obese people walk a few steps there short of breath and they have knee pain, it can cause major health problems.

Take aways, fast food like KFC,BURGER KING etc, junk food like chips chocolate and the other thing obese people eat. Well I eat that stuff sometimes but not all the time and not as much. All these foods have fat or sugar that turns into fat. Sait is found in all of these things but the one that has the most salt is take aways they put lots of salt n the chips.

New Zealand is one of the obese country in the world you want to know? Well the island and maori's have big bones. They have massive feasts when they celebrate things. Obesity is one things to watch out for because you can die from it. Watch out what you eat and how much you eat because you don't want to be obese at a young age.

New South Wales victory

I can not belive ut hat New South Wales won the first game of state of origin. I knew they were going to win I just knew it . Jarryd Hanyne (aka the Hayne plane )  scored the first try of the night . Jennings got pass five people to score that amazing try.
I've been supporting the New South Wales (aka blues) from about the first time I watched it on the tv. My favourite highlight in all of the matches I have seen would have to be the fights.fighting is not good but when someone starts it you got to finish it but you don't have to fight. On the night Paul gallen had a fight with Nate miles.  
My favourite try's would have to be the hayne plane was on the wing and he chip kick it over billy slater and the plane scored. The next one was Jennings try last night it was amazing, who can do that get pass all those players. The most favourite try would have to be well let's find out on the second game. 
The line up this year is the best line up they put up for a long time because it it the first time nsw has won the first game in a long time. Who say they can't win the second game we will win automatically but we have to play the third game . Lets go new south,we can get Queensland hopes up but I think we are going to win this.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  • My favorite players in the NRL would have to be well one of them is the big GI Greg Inglis. He is fast,strong and his fend is the best. He break tackles just by running hard at the holes. He is one of my fav player for those reasons.
  • Next fav player is Konrad Hurrell he is a beast at running the ball. I think that he make about 80 meters a game. Tackling is his weakness which isn’t good but he is trying his best to make them.
  • My last favorite Player is Adam Reynolds he is fast, has good passes and his kicking is top on. He gets most of his kick in at every game for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Man he make's tries just by passing the ball or kicking the ball .
  • These are my three Favorite players in the NRL.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Time in AUS!

Hi my name is Kingston And I just came back from Aus last sunday. It was fun but there is no other place like home so we came back. So anyway lets go back to Aus it was pretty cool I played in a rugby team called the Caboolture Snakes. I played front row and I was the tallest there. The other team were pretty big but I didn’t get run over.

I went to Morayfield state high school, it is in sunshine coast in brisbane in morayfield. The school cool because you get to walk around the school just to get to your class. My favorite place around the school was the tuck shop. It had Pies, pizza, rolls, jelly, water, juice and lots of things.

In aus you have to go swimming because it was so HOT! so thats what we did I think we went swimming every second week. The best bit was that you could bomb at every pool so that was cool.

So I’m happy I am back in NEW ZEALAND and it is the best!!!!