Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013

Using a netbook has really helped me with my writing skills and a lot of things from my teachers and friends. My teachers has helped me in a lots of things like in math learning algebra, learning what techniques in writing and reading. Everyone in senior block has learnt a new thing from the internet.

When I first got my netbook in year six I didn’t know how to use it but now it’s like using a knife and fork for dinner. When you're working with you teachers and friends you can make a new document on google docs and share it. You can work on the internet instead of paper and pencil. I think using a netbook is easier than paper.
Using a netbook has helped me in a lot of ways like in maths I have really learnt a lot from the internet, I have use extra math, math whizz and more. The most improvement I’ve made sense I got my netbook is my writing. I like using a netbook because it’s better than paper and pencil and it’s easier to find information about what going on in the world.

Prize Giving 2013

Last night was our senior prize giving for 2013, it was really fun to see all the items that were put together. The whole thing started at 7pm And the kapa haka performed a waiata to get things away. Everyone was clapping and cheering and then Mr Burt announced the awards for team 4. After all the prizes were let out the year 5’s did there item.

When they finished their dance it was the year six’s turn for there prizes. There was one girl that stood out and got a lot of prizes for sports, she was amazing at rugby and league. It was time for the item,
they all got up and got on the stage. There dance was so amazing I really love it.

It was the year 7’s and the year 8’s which is my years turn to get some prizes. After that it was the year 7’s turn to do their dance it was the fresh prince of bel air,I know all the words to the song. It was time the time I was waiting for the sports awards, I didn't know that I was getting a team spirit award for rugby league. “Now is the year 8 item” Mr Burt said so everyone got into their positions. We finish our performance and we sat down to sing a song. At the end of prize giving I got ready to go home, I really like our prize giving this year.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a great man, he was the first black president of Africa and he made apartheid disappear. If you don’t know who he is then I don’t think you come from this planet. He went to prison for 27 years for trying to stop apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid is when the black and white people live in two separate worlds. What he was known for is that he gave black people rights to being non-discriminated.

He is a hero to everyone in the world. It’s so sad that he has died but he is still in your hearts.
Rest in Pest Nelson Mandela

Monday, December 9, 2013

Year 8 Camp

On tuesday the year 8 students from Pt England school went to Rotorua for camp,the campsite we went to was called keswick. We got a tutorial around the camp is was a pretty big area. When we pack all of our gear in our cabins we went for a hike up a mountain. We started going up the hill and then my friend Crusader started running so I ran with him. At the end I was so happy I finish I couldn’t wait to sit down on the bus and sleep.

On wednesday Morning we all went for a run, two laps around the camp. We sat down and waited for breakfast so we did our karakia and Hemene. When breakfast was ready we all went inside and started eating. After a while we went on a bus to the mud pools. when we got back to the campsite all the boys went for a swim.

Thursday the weather was really bad it was raining really had. We went for a walk around blue lake and after we went for a swim. After the swim I was really cold but then I put two jumpers on. It was so cold we got back to the camp and I put warm clothes on but Mrs Nua said that we're going to the pools.

The last day was really fun We pack up everything and stack it on the bus. The bus driver took us to the luge but we had to take a gondola up to the place. We got our helmets on and the instructor told us how to ride it. When it was my turn I went really fast but at the end the last turn I crashed. On the bus I had a big sleep and when I woke up and we were in auckland in panmure.
The year 8 camp was really fun thanks to the teachers that put it together for us.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Waitangi Launch

During the year there were a group of students that got pick to go up to waitangi, I was one of them. Our school was pick to make a promotional video for a contest about waitangi. We had to make two movies to show why the treaty of waitangi was made and what the prize was. The promotional video was shown last week at the westpac building in town and we got to go.

On friday at 12:30 the group that got to go to waitangi got on a bus and went into town. As soon as we got there I was nervous because we were going to be on the news. We lined up into two rows so we could fit on the red carpet. Everyone got a name tag and then went up to the top level for the launch.

We got told to sing a waiata to the Governor general as he walks in. When he walk in we all got up and sang for him. When we finish we sat down and the started the launch. We watch our movies and the Governor general spoke about waitangi. When it finished the governor general told us “ a you’s hungry well lets go and eat”. There was caramel slice, nachos, miniature burgers and more.