Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spoken word Peom

Where i’m from I see people skilfully skimming rocks I see it jump 123.

I hear laughter with happy ness from my little sister splashing in the water.

I leapt up off the rock as if I was Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk in the water.

Birds flying around in the breeze squawking for some cheese.

racing against my friends I was the first to past the finish line as if I was Usain Bolt.

Where I’m from there are pictures of my family on the walls.

I hear nothing but the buttons on the cellphone when my sister is on it 24-7

I smell something burning every time my sister is straightening her hair.

I feel like turning of the tv when my dad is watching it late at night so I can get some sleep.

I taste perfume every time my family and I got out to dinner. 

I see the kids dancing to the thumping music across the street.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DLO Reflection

In my group we were doing a DLO about the great Michael Jordan,he is the best player of his era. Our plan wasn’t finished because we kept on talking and talking so miss king said that we couldn’t film. Our storyboard wasn’t finished either, so we just did an animation of Michael jordan doing the free throw line dunk. We added pictures of him and the video of his famous dunk.

The message we trying to send out to others is that Michael Jordan is the best player in the world. He has five MVPS and three all star MVPS Jordan became the most decorated player in the NBA. The animation was really fast so we had to add more to our movie. We didn’t have time to do another animation so we pictures of him and the video of the dunk..

The script was our voiceover because we thought that we were going to film but then we ended up animating. It was our fault that we couldn’t film because we did no work and kept talking for a long time. In my group was Waata, Samuela and me, we all took part in doing no work so why wouldn’t it be our fault.
W,K,S DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, September 9, 2013

B.ball tournament

After being sick all week last week Mr Barks left me a spot in the Basketball team. Miss V had to text my Mum if I was allowed to play. My Mum replayed “if he want’s to” I said yes I put a school top on  and warmed up. All the boys got the gear and jumped in the van, Mr Barks said “ Do we want to win” we all said “YES”.

Our first game was against St Thomas it was a good match against them. I don't really know what the finial score was but all I know is we won. We hoped straight into the next game we won that one to but it was as close as the first game. We had a little break before our last game.

Getting ready for the last game in our pool we were outside and warmed up. The hooter went the game started, at half time we were losing. The hooter went and the second half started we went all out but we still losed we played very good. Waiting to see if we were in the play offs we all ate our lunch and were watching the other teams play. Mr Barks came back and said we were third, we all were sad but at less we can somewhere. We came home safely it was a cool tournament.