Monday, November 14, 2011

Camp Bentzon2011

Camp Bentzon... the best camp site I have ever been to in my live! The Camp site had lots of amazing activity's there like an abseiling wall,Fitness trial, Orienteering round the island, sailing an Optimist,kayaking,a Burma trail, concourse,Making Bivowacs and rafts. I forgot the long walk to the other site of the island.
We had free time every night, the options that were there to play was Volley ball (Witch I am the KING),Cricket,Baseball,Football,play on the Playground, and Swimming. Most of the time I was playing Volley and on the playground. Swimming was not really fun because is was mostly shallow when we were there but it was still fun jumping of the pontoon.
Spotlight was really fun like really fun but Samuela and I kept on getting caught by the teachers because Samuela aways told up and got us out. Our last time hiding we found this tree that was hollow and we hoped in to it. We were there for a long time until the burgle went off and we didn’t get found but we did not win.
The last day of camp was really sad because I didn’t want to leave the island. It was still fun because we had a sports morning on the last day. Football,Volleyball,Baseball in the bush, and swimming.
Kauwau island is an incredible place to have a adventure every ware on the island. There is no place I want to be then Camp Bentzon!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun Times At Tennis

Tennis,Tennis,Tennis what a exciting sport to play is the summer. Room18 think tennis is a Fantastic sport to participate in because we have took part in playing it at school. Do you think that tennis is fun?

Equipment, you need to play a sport like tennis. First you got to have when you play tennis is a racket because if you don’t have one you will not get a go at it. Next you always,always and always have a ball because it is a wast of time playing if you don’t have a tennis ball.
Do you like having fun? I do, we had a lot of fun playing tennis(enjoyment). King of the court was my favorite game that we played(AWESOME). You sould play King of the court some day.

As I said when I started that tennis is really fun and a (EXCITING) sport to play and I meant that. It is a enjoyable game to Discover.