Friday, March 23, 2012

Auckland Softball Part One

Early morning jump jam was cool but that the softball boys had have breakfast before the others.The boys went into the hall nevesely to get dress. We were about to go but we didn’t know where our players were, they were in the tents getting dress.
When we hop in the car I was about to go sleep but I had to read the instruction. We got on the motorway and we lost the white van that had all our players and gear in it. Alongside the road we scream to turn on this road.
Unfortunately we got there last and we didn’t have time to warm up. Our first game was against Somerville we got a smashing from them, but if we warm up I think we could've beating them. Mansell was properly the easiest game we play we won that by lots of runs.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Postive footprint

Living a postive footprint means you have to be on the right sites and not the bad sites.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Show Not Tell

Zooming down the black hole I thought to my self when dose it end. Then I saw light as I was speeding. As soon as I finish my turn I got up and had another one.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ben Carson

“HIP HOP HOORAY” I said when we were in the bus going to see Ben Carson!
Ben Carson was Born in Detroit Michigan. His mother Sonya dropped out only in third grade she got married at the age thirteen .Carson’s parents Spilt up when only he was eight.
As there grades kept on getting lower and lower they kids started to call him DUMMY. When Sonya saw Ben’s failing grades she was worried that the were going to have a life like her. Sonya was determined to give them a good education, they had to finish there homework before playing outside they had to read two book each week.
The teacher began in a rock sample that Ben read about. Carson waited and waited for his classmate and then he put his hand up and said it’s a Obsidian I read about it in a book. As soon as he graduated from high school he went to Yale.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camp Reflection

My Highlight of camp this year was probably at swim-a-rama when the Warriors turn up. As I saw them come in I sprinted to the pool to greet my NRL superstar Konrad Hurrell. It was really cool to see the warriors on our last day of camp.

MAN!! some big bombs happen on our last day of camp. My friend Richard he did the biggest bomb that I had seen for an a 11 year old. My bomb was not that big because i'm a Beginner.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Looking at the sky before school, rain smash to the ground , my mum thought the picnic wasn’t going to happen. So she rang the school and ask if it was still on, “Yes it's going to work out” the office replied. We got to school just before the bell and Mrs Burt had said the prayer.We walk as fast as we could to spin some time with our mates.

There were a lot of sport happening, Softball,ripper rugby, cricket, Volleyball, football(both of them) and swimming.Most of the day my mates and I were playing softball.Powerful and far hits my mates and I did even the girls.

I think the most fun that I saw was people sprinting down the steps to go for a swim. As I saw them having fun I wondered why didn’t I go for a swim:(, because I didn’t take a towel. I was hot that day.

Going home I felt sad that we were had to leave the beach because I wanted more time to hang with my mates. When we got to school we had free time but I had to go home. When I got home it was the time to sleep (a long one).