Friday, March 2, 2012


Looking at the sky before school, rain smash to the ground , my mum thought the picnic wasn’t going to happen. So she rang the school and ask if it was still on, “Yes it's going to work out” the office replied. We got to school just before the bell and Mrs Burt had said the prayer.We walk as fast as we could to spin some time with our mates.

There were a lot of sport happening, Softball,ripper rugby, cricket, Volleyball, football(both of them) and swimming.Most of the day my mates and I were playing softball.Powerful and far hits my mates and I did even the girls.

I think the most fun that I saw was people sprinting down the steps to go for a swim. As I saw them having fun I wondered why didn’t I go for a swim:(, because I didn’t take a towel. I was hot that day.

Going home I felt sad that we were had to leave the beach because I wanted more time to hang with my mates. When we got to school we had free time but I had to go home. When I got home it was the time to sleep (a long one).


Awhina said...

Hi Kingston,

What an amazing story you have there. I really like how you used impression like rain smashed to the ground.I didn't go to the picnic because I was sick but the way you explained it made me feel like I was there. Maybe next time you could proofread it and see if there are any mistakes and fix them.


Tupac said...

Hi Kingston,

What a amazing recount on the picnic a few weeks ago I hope you write some recounts like this one.