Friday, March 23, 2012

Auckland Softball Part One

Early morning jump jam was cool but that the softball boys had have breakfast before the others.The boys went into the hall nevesely to get dress. We were about to go but we didn’t know where our players were, they were in the tents getting dress.
When we hop in the car I was about to go sleep but I had to read the instruction. We got on the motorway and we lost the white van that had all our players and gear in it. Alongside the road we scream to turn on this road.
Unfortunately we got there last and we didn’t have time to warm up. Our first game was against Somerville we got a smashing from them, but if we warm up I think we could've beating them. Mansell was properly the easiest game we play we won that by lots of runs.


Crusader said...

Hey Kingston
I love the story that you posted about your softball tournament. Hard luck you guys didn't win the tournament but you can try next time. One thing that you can work on when you post is just to check your work before you post it because some sentences didn't make sense. But anyway, keep up the great work that you are doing KingstonP.


Kayde I said...

Kia Ora Kingston.....

Sounds like you had an enjoyable and Hard time during softball. It must of been cool having breakfast before all of the other school campers! It is alright that you guys lost your first game to somerville. Keep up the good work andsoftball.

From Kayde

Anonymous said...

Hi Kingston it Sounds good about softball. I like your writing about softball because you got lots of details and fullstops in the right place. I hope you have a great day and keep up the good work.