Friday, November 22, 2013

The voice from above

“Hello who’s there what do you want” I asked with a crack in my voice.I turned around and know one was there but then I heard something “ Kingston”. “ Who who is that” I replied as I was running with a tear in my eye. I kept looking around to see if any one was at home with me but there was no to be seen. I didn't know what to do so I hid in my room under my bed.

Under my bed waiting for my mum to come home I heard a voice and it said “ Kingston come out from under your bed”. I had know idea what to do so I yelled ‘NOOOOOO”but then I heard it again and again. So I got up and said “who are you...... what what do want from me”. “ I'm not here to harm you” “What”. So I said with great mana “well then who are you”,

“ I'm a spirit “.

“I was sent down from above to lead you on your path”. I was shocked I couldn’t believe it at first but after a few minutes I knew it was true. “What is this all about”, “well my boy I’m here to help you think what you want in the future say you want to be a sports player I can help with that”. “ It’s all about which path you want to take starting from now”.

standing there like a tall tree thinking about what he said to me . But there and then I said “ can you help me with anything involving things I want in life” he said “ yes”. “ I'm going to pick the right path and follow my dreams and inspirations I am going to do something around sports”.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

On Thursday last week we had five speakers come to our school. They talked about what they're doing with there life. There was even a kid around my age that came to talk to us.

We got split up into year 7’s and 8’s, the year 8’s went into the street which is the intermediate block. We had two speakers come with us the, first speakers name was Mosa he is studying at the University of Auckland. At the moment he’s studying politics and something in pacific rights. He was so funny, he gave some boys 2 dollars for getting some questions right.

The other speakers had a lot of interesting jobs like a marine biologist and even more. But there was a speaker that stood out to me, and his name was Christen Pang. He his 11 and is starting University next year for mathematic.

I was so amazed with everyone that came to talk to us. It made me think of what I want to do in life.