Friday, November 22, 2013

The voice from above

“Hello who’s there what do you want” I asked with a crack in my voice.I turned around and know one was there but then I heard something “ Kingston”. “ Who who is that” I replied as I was running with a tear in my eye. I kept looking around to see if any one was at home with me but there was no to be seen. I didn't know what to do so I hid in my room under my bed.

Under my bed waiting for my mum to come home I heard a voice and it said “ Kingston come out from under your bed”. I had know idea what to do so I yelled ‘NOOOOOO”but then I heard it again and again. So I got up and said “who are you...... what what do want from me”. “ I'm not here to harm you” “What”. So I said with great mana “well then who are you”,

“ I'm a spirit “.

“I was sent down from above to lead you on your path”. I was shocked I couldn’t believe it at first but after a few minutes I knew it was true. “What is this all about”, “well my boy I’m here to help you think what you want in the future say you want to be a sports player I can help with that”. “ It’s all about which path you want to take starting from now”.

standing there like a tall tree thinking about what he said to me . But there and then I said “ can you help me with anything involving things I want in life” he said “ yes”. “ I'm going to pick the right path and follow my dreams and inspirations I am going to do something around sports”.

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