Thursday, August 23, 2012

Running the Cross Country

What is the activity that all schools have to do but every one dread?  CROSS COUNTRY is my enemy at school, Why it’s a very long run?. The trick is to have a steady jog and don’t drain your energy at the start. then a least you will last till the end.

Off we go the 12 year old boys run down to the brush walk. By the time we got there we couldn’t see our shoes. Slipping and sliding most falling into a puddys Likely I had balint's.

Nearly finish the race my Friends said we should finish the race together. So we ran to the finish line and my friend said stop and we will walk. I knew he was up to something.  Then he ran to the finish line, we tried to catch him but he was already there so got him and jump on him.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Valerie Adams

With disappointment all over her face, Valerie Adams was unable to defend her title.  Even though she lost she was proud of her achievements. Adam’s personal best is 21.24m and the lady from Belarus Nadzeya Ostapchuk who won the gold. she threw her personal best 21.36m.

Here is my running animation. I hope you enjoy it.

Smoking is not our Future

It’s common in many families that the parents or grandparents smoke which gives you high chance of starting smoking too.  Hopefully after reading this you will have the information you need to help you decide to never start smoking.

Smoking is bad for your health and may kill you later on in life. The day you have a smoke there are 4000 chemicals going inside of you and your body organs. There is no safe way to smoke, as these chemicals can cause . This means smoking gives you a high chance of early death!  4500-5000 people in NZ die every year because of smoking related diseases.

Did you know that if you smoke a pack a day you lose up to $105 a week? That’s a waste money if you ask me. But on the other hand if you don’t smoke you will save about more than $5000 dollars a year. My advice to you is  DON’T START SMOKING!!

Why do people our age start smoking? Teenages start smoke becuse they get influenced by their friends and family. Young adults (teenages) smoke because their friends say if you don’t smoke you're not cool but if you do smoke then you will be most popular in the school. So have a strong mind stand up to the pressures and keep away from those nasty things.

Smoking it not very good for your future. If you want to be a sports star you will have problems breathing. 
Don’t start smoking  or face the consequences in the future.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Basketball Part 1

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to play. I like Basketball because I can use my height in the game. My favorite place to play is by the hoop because I like to shoot the ball.

We have been learning to play Basketball for the last 2 weeks. The first week we learnt how to dribble the ball and the second week we learnt how to shoot.  I hope next week we play a real game.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Precious Mckenzie

Precious McKenzie Was a well known for his weightlifting in New Zealand. He was born in the year 1936. His birthplace was in Durban South Africa Red Cross Hospital. At a very young age he had a Chest condition which was incurable. Overwhelmed with grief his mother was so happy she name him Precious one also because he was baptised .
Unfortunately in Precious early Childhood dad Joseph Died from an Crocodile Attack. After his dad died his mother started drinking and Precious and his sister went into foster care. Their foster parents had Neglected them and they weren’t well looked after