Thursday, August 23, 2012

Running the Cross Country

What is the activity that all schools have to do but every one dread?  CROSS COUNTRY is my enemy at school, Why it’s a very long run?. The trick is to have a steady jog and don’t drain your energy at the start. then a least you will last till the end.

Off we go the 12 year old boys run down to the brush walk. By the time we got there we couldn’t see our shoes. Slipping and sliding most falling into a puddys Likely I had balint's.

Nearly finish the race my Friends said we should finish the race together. So we ran to the finish line and my friend said stop and we will walk. I knew he was up to something.  Then he ran to the finish line, we tried to catch him but he was already there so got him and jump on him.

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Kayde I said...

Kia Ora Kingston.....
I think that you have done quiet a good thing with this piece of writing. Also I think that you have used good speech like puddys, steady jog. Keep up the good work!

From Kayde.