Friday, December 3, 2010

Weta movie

I made this movie because it was for our little Critters Rubric. I made it with I can Animate it is cool. You have to watch it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The things that I enjoyed most about swimming is learning how to snorkel, swimming by walking and dolphin diving. Dolphin diving is really cool because you get to jump up and down in the water,” its fun’’. Snorkeling is exiting for me because I could breathe under water.
Goals that I have achieved are; swimming freestyle properly and learning the safety sign. The safety sign is when you are in the water and you think you’re going to die, that’s the best time to do it. Swimming properly helps you swim more effeciently.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monarch Butterfles

Generation after generation the monarch Butterfly lay eggs which make a Caterpillar that grows up to be a new butterfly. The Caterpillars that hatches from the egg eats poison milk weed for 2 reasons. Firstly so that the Caterpillar can be fat and have energy to turn into a butterfly. Secondly, when the butterfly is older the poison remains in its abdomen. This prevents predators from eating it.
Do you think eating a lot of food is helpful for the Caterpillar?
Yes I do because they get big and fat so it can be a butterfly.
Caterpillars turn in to a chrysalis in order to become a butterfly. The chrysalis starts out green, but just before the butterfly comes out it turns black like the ash from a fire.
As it emerges slowly, it takes its time because the butterfly must dry out his wings before it can fly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A Tarantula stalks and hunts rats, getting ready to pounce in the darkness. Lurking for it’s prey, the Tarantula senese a victim with hairs on it’s 8 red knees. Under the cover of darkness it strikes unexpectedly with it’s razor sharp fang’s dripping with venon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey Bee

Honey bees flit their wings as they zigzag and dodge through leaves to collect nectar. Do you think nectar is precious to honey bees? I do, because it's their yummy food and it is also used to make honey.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Killing Captain Max

Unfortunately AJ had been kicked out of school and his only option was to become a pirate - just like his dad had been. His main dream was to kill that man that had murdered his father, only 10 years earlier.
When he was at the dock this strange man came up to him and said ”Do you want to be a pirate?” Next thing he knew AJ was laying on the ground. So when he got up he saw he was on the Heartbreaker Ship. Looking out to sea, AJ was so amazed. The strange man came up to him again and said “So, do you want to be a pirate?” AJ replied “Yeah I will be a pirate.” “Well my name is Captain Max.” said the strange man.

AJ’s mother was very sad as she had always wanted a better life for her son. But she knew that she must wish him well. As a sign of good luck she gave AJ his father’s lucky eye patch to carry with him always.

AJ had found the person who had killed his father, the very same captain of the boat he was sailing on! - Captain Max. He found out some Information that Max killed my dad. He went in his room and was looking for him and when he saw him he was on the ground holding a picture of dad and said I am sorry that I killed you.
AJ knew that he had to take revenge for his father. Very quietly he snuck up behind Captain Max and said calmly, “I know you killed my father!”
The battle began. AJ tried to kill Max but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t because Max was his Dad’s best mate. AJ asked Max “Why did you murder my dad?” “Because I wanted to be the best on the ship and to be Captain.” Max answered. Then he got down on his knees and started to beg “I am sorry for killing your dad, I’m sorry!” AJ didn’t care. He cut his head off and then gave it to the sharks.
Captain AJ took his new prize and sailed North, up the Eastern coast of the Americas. Here he was able to discover a new island, he named it East Lossandos. The island was filled with all kinds of exotic fruits. AJ knew that he needed to eat lots of fruit to save himself from scurvy.

His journey home was very long because there was this massive ship in front of the Heart Breaker. AJ tried to go around the ship but it was to huge, so the he couldn’t belive he had to wait and wait. On the next day the ship was gone, AJ said now we can go back home.

When he got to the dock his Mum was there waiting for him. AJ got off the ship and gave his Mum a kiss and said I killed the man who murdered dad. His Mum was proud of him and glad.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sentence Builder

Today Miss King gave us four words to make three sentences. They were were a Noun, an Adjectives, a Verb and an Adverb. Each different sentence used the same words and retained the same meaning.

The thankful man escaped far away.

Far away escaped the thankful man.

The man was thankful for escaping far away.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mate at today's Cross Country. Numb feet made the race very challenging. I tired to beat Studamyer, but I was puffed out. I felt proud and relieved because I didn't come last.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jesse Martin Circumnavigating the World

Jesse Martin is a brave young man who circumnavigated the world, on his boat the Lion Heart.
Through times of loneliness, only his determination and perseverance kept Jesse going. Dangerous conditions, storms and massive waves broke his boat. But despite all this, Jesse continued on to achieve his goal.

Jesse Martin's Mum supported him as he was circumnavigating the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world on his boat the Lion heart.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Done

I knew at the time it was stupid, but the dumbest thing I have ever done is steal lollies from the cupboard because I was hungry. Boy did I get into trouble because those lollies belonged to my mum. When I got snapped I knew that I would have to say sorry to her and mean it as well.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Pirate Journey

This is my Pirate animation . He's on his journey sailing the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal. The government of Portugal disagreed with Magellan so he asked the King of Spain if he could have a boat and some money like Columbus had, because he was going to circumavigate the world to get to India. Magellan's boat was called Victoria because it meant Victory. He couldn't go past Africa because the route was owned by Portugal. He sailed west through the Altantic ocean and in to the strait of Magellan. Magellan discovered the Pacific ocean. As he was circumnavigating the world he got to the Phillipines and was killed in a battle. Luckily his boat and his crew made it back to Spain and were the first to sail right the way around the world.

Our Movie about Christopher Columbus

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Billy Slater

Billy Slater plays League for the Melbourne Storm and the Kangaroos. Slater is the fullback for both teams, which makes him the best fullback in NRL. He's scored 300 tries in his career. Billy sets up tries for his team to help them win. Unfortunately, in 2010 the Melbourne Storm are not getting competition points because they breached the salary cap between 2007 and 2010. This means they were giving money to the players that they were not allowed to and that is illegal.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christopher Columbus

In the 1400’s Christopher Columbus sailed west to get to India .Columbus asked the King of Spain for money and a boat to travel around the world to India.He called the people in the west Indian because he thought he reached India but he hadn’t in fact he reached south America. Christopher Columbus wasn't the first person to discover south America.He was the only man to sail the Atlantic ocean to south America and return back to Europe. Now Europeans knew that there are two continent North south America. It wasn't till the 1700's that the Europeans discovered the Pacific ocean.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Pirate Wordle

We put effort into our pirate stories and these are all our complex words. We would like to show you all our words so you could write complex and interesting stories just like us.
by James, Kingston P, Samuela

The Destruction of Rich Town - July 9 2010

by Kingston P, Lorenzo, Studamyer

On the day we made our volcano it was cool because the dough was gooey and blue. We wrapped the dough around a jar and started to smooth it out. I enjoy the things we made for our volcano. We made little houses, trees and mountains. It was fun making the volcano. I learnt that if you knead the dough will go smooth. I will change by not being bossy. We can do better by not being silly. Our voice over was okay but we could do better by adding more information.

Michael Jackson Movie

Today, we made this movie because it is the 1yr anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We think he's really cool and wanted to show off our best MJ moves. By working cooperatively in a small group, planning and practicing, we were able to film and edit this movie in just a couple of hours.
What do you think of our dancing?
by Heremaia, Kingston P, Max

I am making movies Awards - June 21 2010

We entered the 'I am making movies' competition, that was run by our Auckland Museum. We won the creative story telling section! This movie is from the Awards evening, held yesterday at the Auckland Museum. You will see here our year 7 Kapahaka group who opened the evening. This is followed by us - the talented Room 14 Actors who were in the winning movie. Thanks to all the fantastic people who helped us with this movie. Click here to watch our movie.

He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

We made this movie as part of a competition for the Auckland Museum. Lots of schools from all over Auckland entered the competition. We were delighted to find out that we had made the finals. We got to go to the awards ceremony at the museum too. Keisha Castle-Hughes even gave out the prizes!
The idea of our movie is that even though technology has changed throughout the years, people are still the most important thing in our lives.
All of us enjoyed making the movie. We were so excited to find out that we had won the most Creative Storytelling category. We think our movie is just AWESOME - What do you think?
by Dillon, Hosannah, James, Kingston P, Mary L, Osana, Ramona

Volcano Movie -May 27 2010

Iron Brion May 6 2010

Iron Brion is cool and funny because everything he talks about is funny. Iron Brion came to our school to talk about meat and how much iron there is in it. Luckily I went because we got a burger to eat after the show.

Sing a Song about Volcanoes - April 30 2010

We are so amazingly awesome that instead of writing stories about our learning we write songs and make movies. It's so much more fun and you know what? We remember more of it too!
by Dillon, Heremaia, Kane, Kingston P

Volcanic Pressure - April 22 2010

Yesterday we were blowing up balloons to see how much air pressure a balloon could handle.
We blew and blew and filled the balloons. Too much air increases the pressure and like the magma in a volcano it needs to be released. A balloon will burst or fly around the room if the pressure gets too high.
Inside the Volcano the magma gets bigger and bigger and it looks for the crater to escape. When the magma comes out it is lava that can go hard and the ash clouds go all over the sky.
Click here to watch our AWESOME movie.

Swimming Sports

Luckily I put out my long arm and reached the wall FIRST! All the Pt England crew screamed "Yay! Kingston won yay!" Happily I claimed my goal, my goal was to win the race and I had.

My Favourite thing at Camp - March 23 2010

Miss Garden screamed ''shush'' as my friends and I were having a fight in the tent.It was fun but unfortunately we had to stop.We sat quietly back down and began to eat Tim Tams. While we were eating Tim Tams I took five Tim Tams and put it in my mouth. The Tim Tams were running down my mouth like a huge wave going down my throat.

Kingston's Pre-Camp Thoughts - March 15 2010

Here we share our thoughts on our upcoming school camp.

James Cook Discovers New Zealand - March 10 2010

Kingston and his group researched about how Captain James Cook discovered New Zealand in 1769.

Is it Kind? February 12 - 2010

Our amazing music teacher- Mr J, wrote this song all about our school value - "Is it Kind?'
Here the boys put their own spin on it and have invented some cool dance moves to go along with the chorus.
by James, Kingston P, Onosai, Samuela

Kingston Joins Room 14 - February 2010

Enjoy your year in Room 14 Kingston.