Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. All the prefect had to do a inspirational speech to their school. His friend Rashad put Joshua’s Brown Brother speech up on youtube and Campbell live found it.
The poem had a message to it which was don’t listen to stereotypes and don’t be ashamed to make a change. In his Poem he says don’t limit yourself into being ashamed of your people. You can be what ever you desire.
My response to this speech is that you can be what ever you want to be like a Firefighter, Lawyer, and the next John Key. I want to be a NRL superstar but if it doesn't work I will be a Firefighter. If I get to write a speech I am going to write a speech like that.

Precious McKenzie

Muscles rippling veins bulging Precious was hungry for gold. As he lifted he was thinking about his family to motivate him. Ready to lift it, he began to push, push and push until it was up in the air.