Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sport is one of my favourite ways of having fun. Fun, fun, fun who doesn't like having fun while playing sport of our liking. In sport you learn many new techniques in any sport you play or would like to play.

Fitness is one of the main things in lots of sports nearly all of them. Like in rugby if you're a forward you have to be able to last a long time in the game for a full 80 minutes. Exercise, you have to do lots of it to become a fit person.

My favourite athletes would have to be all of the Nrl Warriors team. Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell and more are just too good for my liking. I like other teams like the Bulldogs but the Warriors are my favourite team in the NRL.

 main thing playing sport is to enjoy yourself and have fun. ENJOY means to have a great time with your team mates and play as a team. All sports is about having fun and enjoy playing with team mates. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red


bad temper
dose work around the house
needs to get birbe to do the smallest things around the house
good little girl
bad girl
likes to walk everywhere
like to sit and do nothing

In the traditional story little red riding hood was a good little girl. In the story I read little red was a girl that didn’t like to listen to her parents. She has to be bribed to do the smallest things around the house. Her parents asked her to go to her grandmothers house but she wouldn’t go, her parents gave her money just to take cheesecake to her grandmother.


Little red has a bad temper and complains all the time she asked to do something. She was in the woods going to her grandmother's house when she saw the wolf. She started to run but the wolf was just behind her when she sprinted down to her grans house. Red waited for the wolf to run in the garden shed and she slam it. She rang the zoo and said “there's a wolf in my garden shed” “we are on the way”. She went in said and she saw a note on the bench. It said “Hi darling sorry about the ants I’m in the shed getting ant rid”. The zoo people came with a net and a gun and they opened the shed door, the wolf was sleeping. The zookeeper told little red that wolfs only sleep with a full stomach but red just remembered the note it said "I am in the shed if you need me".