Friday, June 24, 2011

Part 2 of my story about my Birthday

Hi again I am going to tell you what happened after my Birthday party on Friday.
On Saturday me and my family went shopping to get some stuff like t-shirts and jeans. When we got there we went to have something to eat and then we went to the warehouse. I got lost in the warehouse because it is really big.
Warehouse had a lot of stuff there so I went to go look at the shoes but they did not have the shoes I like. I was going to get a chocolate bar but I was not told to get one so I didn’t. after shopping at the warehouse we went home and watched some movies.
The things I got for my Birthday was A Puma Jumper, a Adidas jacket and a t-shirt but it was to small. $85 that is a lot of money but I am getting some more. I hope you like my story of what happened on Saturday.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's my Birthday today

I am going to tell you something, it is my Birthday today so sit back and I will tell you what I am doing.
Today is my Birthday and I am turning the big 11. It is really cool when it is your Birthday because you get a lot of money to buy lots of cool stuff.I was born in June the 17, 2000 at 5.40, so that means I am all ready 11. It is really cool when it is your Birthday.
For my Birthday I am having a party at my house and all my family is going to be there. My family will be at my house at 5.30 so I have to get ready at 5.00. If it was your Birthday today wood you invite your family?
I’m going to the pools after the party the next day . I hope you like my story, This is part 1.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Some of the sports I played last week.

I’ve played lots of sports for the school last week. This is my first time playing for the school
since I’ve been here. So sit back and I will tell you what I did last week.
On Tuesday afternoon I played rugby for the school! We played Holly Cross at the school grounds. They were big but I said to my team mates that don’t care how big they are just try and break there line. But we let them get points on the score board. They scored 7 tries and we scored 2 tries.
On Wednesday me and my friends went to play in a Netball tournament. my team that I played in was the over 10’s and the team was mixed, girls and boys. It was cool because we won the tournament.
Thursday was the rest day for me because I was exhausted from all of the sports I played last week. It is cool playing sports for the school. Thanks for looking at my work.