Friday, June 17, 2011

It's my Birthday today

I am going to tell you something, it is my Birthday today so sit back and I will tell you what I am doing.
Today is my Birthday and I am turning the big 11. It is really cool when it is your Birthday because you get a lot of money to buy lots of cool stuff.I was born in June the 17, 2000 at 5.40, so that means I am all ready 11. It is really cool when it is your Birthday.
For my Birthday I am having a party at my house and all my family is going to be there. My family will be at my house at 5.30 so I have to get ready at 5.00. If it was your Birthday today wood you invite your family?
I’m going to the pools after the party the next day . I hope you like my story, This is part 1.

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