Friday, June 10, 2011

Some of the sports I played last week.

I’ve played lots of sports for the school last week. This is my first time playing for the school
since I’ve been here. So sit back and I will tell you what I did last week.
On Tuesday afternoon I played rugby for the school! We played Holly Cross at the school grounds. They were big but I said to my team mates that don’t care how big they are just try and break there line. But we let them get points on the score board. They scored 7 tries and we scored 2 tries.
On Wednesday me and my friends went to play in a Netball tournament. my team that I played in was the over 10’s and the team was mixed, girls and boys. It was cool because we won the tournament.
Thursday was the rest day for me because I was exhausted from all of the sports I played last week. It is cool playing sports for the school. Thanks for looking at my work.


Manaiakalani said...

Great to read about all the sport you are playing Kingston. sounds like you hd a lot of fun even though it was exhausting. Good on you for writing about it so everyone could share your experience.

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hey Kingston, cool to read about sport because me and my sister plays rugby and she plays netball.