Friday, June 24, 2011

Part 2 of my story about my Birthday

Hi again I am going to tell you what happened after my Birthday party on Friday.
On Saturday me and my family went shopping to get some stuff like t-shirts and jeans. When we got there we went to have something to eat and then we went to the warehouse. I got lost in the warehouse because it is really big.
Warehouse had a lot of stuff there so I went to go look at the shoes but they did not have the shoes I like. I was going to get a chocolate bar but I was not told to get one so I didn’t. after shopping at the warehouse we went home and watched some movies.
The things I got for my Birthday was A Puma Jumper, a Adidas jacket and a t-shirt but it was to small. $85 that is a lot of money but I am getting some more. I hope you like my story of what happened on Saturday.

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