Friday, July 1, 2011

playing rugby leauge with jounior Warriors

As we arrived at the courts outside the office, we were excited because two of the Junior Warriors came to teach us some basic skills of rugby league. The first thing they did was to introduce their names to us. One of the players were called Siua and the other called Saliva.
After they told us their names we were ready to play a very awesome game called ball Tiggy. We had to split into two different even teams so we could have a brilliant game. The teams were blue and green, do you think which team we were in? The team we were in was blue, if you guess blue you a absolutely correct!!
Force back was the next game we played. I didn’t understand what game we were playing because Siua called it kick tennis and I was confused. Siua explain how to play kick tennis so I thought we are going to play Force back. As we played force back James and I really enjoyed playing it.
I wish the Junior Warriors could come back again!!!!

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