Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monarch Butterfles

Generation after generation the monarch Butterfly lay eggs which make a Caterpillar that grows up to be a new butterfly. The Caterpillars that hatches from the egg eats poison milk weed for 2 reasons. Firstly so that the Caterpillar can be fat and have energy to turn into a butterfly. Secondly, when the butterfly is older the poison remains in its abdomen. This prevents predators from eating it.
Do you think eating a lot of food is helpful for the Caterpillar?
Yes I do because they get big and fat so it can be a butterfly.
Caterpillars turn in to a chrysalis in order to become a butterfly. The chrysalis starts out green, but just before the butterfly comes out it turns black like the ash from a fire.
As it emerges slowly, it takes its time because the butterfly must dry out his wings before it can fly.

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