Monday, December 2, 2013

Waitangi Launch

During the year there were a group of students that got pick to go up to waitangi, I was one of them. Our school was pick to make a promotional video for a contest about waitangi. We had to make two movies to show why the treaty of waitangi was made and what the prize was. The promotional video was shown last week at the westpac building in town and we got to go.

On friday at 12:30 the group that got to go to waitangi got on a bus and went into town. As soon as we got there I was nervous because we were going to be on the news. We lined up into two rows so we could fit on the red carpet. Everyone got a name tag and then went up to the top level for the launch.

We got told to sing a waiata to the Governor general as he walks in. When he walk in we all got up and sang for him. When we finish we sat down and the started the launch. We watch our movies and the Governor general spoke about waitangi. When it finished the governor general told us “ a you’s hungry well lets go and eat”. There was caramel slice, nachos, miniature burgers and more.

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