Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving 2013

Last night was our senior prize giving for 2013, it was really fun to see all the items that were put together. The whole thing started at 7pm And the kapa haka performed a waiata to get things away. Everyone was clapping and cheering and then Mr Burt announced the awards for team 4. After all the prizes were let out the year 5’s did there item.

When they finished their dance it was the year six’s turn for there prizes. There was one girl that stood out and got a lot of prizes for sports, she was amazing at rugby and league. It was time for the item,
they all got up and got on the stage. There dance was so amazing I really love it.

It was the year 7’s and the year 8’s which is my years turn to get some prizes. After that it was the year 7’s turn to do their dance it was the fresh prince of bel air,I know all the words to the song. It was time the time I was waiting for the sports awards, I didn't know that I was getting a team spirit award for rugby league. “Now is the year 8 item” Mr Burt said so everyone got into their positions. We finish our performance and we sat down to sing a song. At the end of prize giving I got ready to go home, I really like our prize giving this year.

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