Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013

Using a netbook has really helped me with my writing skills and a lot of things from my teachers and friends. My teachers has helped me in a lots of things like in math learning algebra, learning what techniques in writing and reading. Everyone in senior block has learnt a new thing from the internet.

When I first got my netbook in year six I didn’t know how to use it but now it’s like using a knife and fork for dinner. When you're working with you teachers and friends you can make a new document on google docs and share it. You can work on the internet instead of paper and pencil. I think using a netbook is easier than paper.
Using a netbook has helped me in a lot of ways like in maths I have really learnt a lot from the internet, I have use extra math, math whizz and more. The most improvement I’ve made sense I got my netbook is my writing. I like using a netbook because it’s better than paper and pencil and it’s easier to find information about what going on in the world.

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