Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun Times At Tennis

Tennis,Tennis,Tennis what a exciting sport to play is the summer. Room18 think tennis is a Fantastic sport to participate in because we have took part in playing it at school. Do you think that tennis is fun?

Equipment, you need to play a sport like tennis. First you got to have when you play tennis is a racket because if you don’t have one you will not get a go at it. Next you always,always and always have a ball because it is a wast of time playing if you don’t have a tennis ball.
Do you like having fun? I do, we had a lot of fun playing tennis(enjoyment). King of the court was my favorite game that we played(AWESOME). You sould play King of the court some day.

As I said when I started that tennis is really fun and a (EXCITING) sport to play and I meant that. It is a enjoyable game to Discover.

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