Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spoken word Peom

Where i’m from I see people skilfully skimming rocks I see it jump 123.

I hear laughter with happy ness from my little sister splashing in the water.

I leapt up off the rock as if I was Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk in the water.

Birds flying around in the breeze squawking for some cheese.

racing against my friends I was the first to past the finish line as if I was Usain Bolt.

Where I’m from there are pictures of my family on the walls.

I hear nothing but the buttons on the cellphone when my sister is on it 24-7

I smell something burning every time my sister is straightening her hair.

I feel like turning of the tv when my dad is watching it late at night so I can get some sleep.

I taste perfume every time my family and I got out to dinner. 

I see the kids dancing to the thumping music across the street.

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