Monday, April 15, 2013

Time in AUS!

Hi my name is Kingston And I just came back from Aus last sunday. It was fun but there is no other place like home so we came back. So anyway lets go back to Aus it was pretty cool I played in a rugby team called the Caboolture Snakes. I played front row and I was the tallest there. The other team were pretty big but I didn’t get run over.

I went to Morayfield state high school, it is in sunshine coast in brisbane in morayfield. The school cool because you get to walk around the school just to get to your class. My favorite place around the school was the tuck shop. It had Pies, pizza, rolls, jelly, water, juice and lots of things.

In aus you have to go swimming because it was so HOT! so thats what we did I think we went swimming every second week. The best bit was that you could bomb at every pool so that was cool.

So I’m happy I am back in NEW ZEALAND and it is the best!!!!

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