Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  • My favorite players in the NRL would have to be well one of them is the big GI Greg Inglis. He is fast,strong and his fend is the best. He break tackles just by running hard at the holes. He is one of my fav player for those reasons.
  • Next fav player is Konrad Hurrell he is a beast at running the ball. I think that he make about 80 meters a game. Tackling is his weakness which isn’t good but he is trying his best to make them.
  • My last favorite Player is Adam Reynolds he is fast, has good passes and his kicking is top on. He gets most of his kick in at every game for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Man he make's tries just by passing the ball or kicking the ball .
  • These are my three Favorite players in the NRL.

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