Friday, June 7, 2013

New South Wales victory

I can not belive ut hat New South Wales won the first game of state of origin. I knew they were going to win I just knew it . Jarryd Hanyne (aka the Hayne plane )  scored the first try of the night . Jennings got pass five people to score that amazing try.
I've been supporting the New South Wales (aka blues) from about the first time I watched it on the tv. My favourite highlight in all of the matches I have seen would have to be the fights.fighting is not good but when someone starts it you got to finish it but you don't have to fight. On the night Paul gallen had a fight with Nate miles.  
My favourite try's would have to be the hayne plane was on the wing and he chip kick it over billy slater and the plane scored. The next one was Jennings try last night it was amazing, who can do that get pass all those players. The most favourite try would have to be well let's find out on the second game. 
The line up this year is the best line up they put up for a long time because it it the first time nsw has won the first game in a long time. Who say they can't win the second game we will win automatically but we have to play the third game . Lets go new south,we can get Queensland hopes up but I think we are going to win this.

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