Friday, June 7, 2013

Obesity report

America has the most obesity people in the world. New Zealand is one of the few country's that have a lot of obese people.

If you want to know the meaning of obesity it is when you eat to mush food for your body height and age. It's a addiction to food  like take away, fast food, and junk food And all the others. Obesity gives you health problems like heart attacks heart diseases and diabetes

The effects of obesity are diabetes, lack of movement, exercise and other things. People die at a young age from obesity the youngest kid that pass away was 11years old. When obese people walk a few steps there short of breath and they have knee pain, it can cause major health problems.

Take aways, fast food like KFC,BURGER KING etc, junk food like chips chocolate and the other thing obese people eat. Well I eat that stuff sometimes but not all the time and not as much. All these foods have fat or sugar that turns into fat. Sait is found in all of these things but the one that has the most salt is take aways they put lots of salt n the chips.

New Zealand is one of the obese country in the world you want to know? Well the island and maori's have big bones. They have massive feasts when they celebrate things. Obesity is one things to watch out for because you can die from it. Watch out what you eat and how much you eat because you don't want to be obese at a young age.

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