Friday, September 28, 2012

Olympic Day

Thinking that thursday would be a normal day it wasn’t. Instead of work the hole interior school took part in a Olympic day. “Well that sound fun” my friend said to me.

The school from room 1 to room 23 had get split up into 16 teams. The 16 teams were Italy,Russia,Uganda,Mexico,Scotland,Portugal,Kenya,Argentina, Wales,Spain,Jamaica,Romania,Ireland,France, Brazil and Sweden. My team was Ireland, our leader was toko from room 21.

Our first game was against Romania in Basketball, We had to split our team into into 3 even teams of five. The first round Romania won,the next round we won, the next round it was a draw. So we had to put our best team on the court, so we could win. They put up a good battle but we just got a goal in the last minute.

My least Favorite game was sitting volleyball because you have to sit on the ground without your butt on the ground. The reason why I don’t like it is that I always get spike in the face. My Favorite game would have to be touch, I think my team was was the best even though we didn’t win I think that we were very good.

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