Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday night Social

“What am I going to wear tonight” I said in my head. Should I wear a hoodie and skinny jeans or shorts and a jumper.  My sister told me just wear the hoodie and jeans.

After getting ready my mum drop me off and no one was at the door, so I went to the shop to get a Big Ben Steak and cheese Pie. As soon as I got outside of the shop one of my friends was there all dress up. We just hanged out until the doors open.

The doors open and the dancing started, there was a lot of people dancing. It was time for the first contest, it was a dougie contest. Some people were very good at this type of dance.  There was a lot of contests, a dougie battle, a cat daddy battle and azonto battle.

Thinking that we wouldn’t getting something to eat the dj told us in five minute go and get something to eat and something to drink. After having something to eat we got back up and dance the night away.

Jumping up and down waving our hands in the air like we just don’t care the DJ told us the last song is coming up. The last song was move your body by beyonce, Man that was a fun dance.
The light came on and mr burt said a pear that ended the night.

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