Friday, August 23, 2013


Every year our school has Cross Country and this year I was a Takitimu helper. We got changed into our house colours. My colour is yellow like the sun shining upon us. I was holding the Takitimu sign well we were saying our chants. The first races got going all the house captains and helpers were going to cheers the runners on.

Yay “LET’S GO TAKI LETS GO”, We were saying to the Taki runners. We cheered and cheered for Taki until miss V told all of us to go and sit down and prepare for your run. So we stopped and went to sit down, I had butterflies but I didn’t let them concur me so I didn’t think about the run or about coming last.

Mr Burt said “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO”!!!! everyone started to run. Some ran as fast as they can so they could be in the front and some ran at a pasted like me. I was running with some of my mates when it was so hot we took of our t-shirts off because we were sweating like a pig. On our second lap one of my mates James slid in the mud puddles it was funny.

We Were nearly at the finish line when we stopped and were going to have a race to the finish line. 3 2 1 we started sprinting to the finish line when I stopped and jogged to the end. I drank four cups of water after the race I was so tired. It was really fun to be apart of cross country even though I didn’t first I still tried my best.

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