Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who I Am

I am a brother
to my two sisters,

I am a sleeper
all the time,

I am a son
to my mum and dad,

I am a swimmer
but mostly bombing

I am moko
a child of my Nana

I am a rugby leauge player
Because it is my sport.


Kayde I said...

Hello Kingston.....
You are a lot of different things aren't you. All time sleeper. You bomb most, Do you like gorillaz and staples? And last but not least my favourite sport to, Rugby league. You really are skilled!
Keep up the good work.
From Kayde

Kobe said...

Hello Kingston...
That is a cool poem Kingston, that's funny," I am a sleeper all the time," haha!It was a good post but you should have put more writing in the poem.GOOD WORK!!!