Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The value Caring - what it looks sounds and feels like

Who knows what caring looks, feels and sounds like? It looks like you are helping a person whose sad. Really its like our doing something for a old person, so it’s just like you’re walking her or him across the road. You’re helping a kid that has been badly hurt and has been crying.

I think that caring sounds like you can hear someone that helping a person that is lost, you can hear something that is helping a Elderly cross the road. You can hear a person that is helping a little boy who’s sad. It is like you can hear a person that is crying and someone that is helping him.

Caring feels like your helping someone that is really going to die and deep down in your heart that you don’t want her to die and you try to help her, that is what I think caring feels like. It feels like when you get a dog and you look after it. Caring feels like your helping someone that is really sad.

That is how I think Caring looks,sounds and feels.looks,sounds and feels.

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Tyla-Marie Rm14 said...

Hey Kingston, that's nice that you think that's what caring sounds, looks and feel like. Although there were some spelling mistakes and punctuation. Anyway keep up the good work cuz.

From Tyla-Marie