Monday, September 12, 2011

Project About Lguazu' Falls in Argentina

Argentina is an amazing place to visit in the holidays.One place in Argentina, the Iguazú Falls looks smellier to the Niagara falls in Canada but it isn't, it is located in Brazil. Lguazu' falls is twice as big as Niagara Falls. The name "Iguazu" comes from the Guarani or Tupi word y, meaning water.
Legend has it the falls were created by an angry god that was planning to marry a girl named Naipi.The girl fled from the god and into the arms of her earthly lover Taroba when out of anger the god sliced the river and the falls was created.


Waata said...

Hi Kingston,

I didn't even know that the Iguazú Falls even existed, I only knew the Niagara falls. The story is very interesting for the Iguazú Falls is very interesting. I think you could work on your spelling. Besides that your post was good.

By Waata

Antonio said...

Hi kingston
Kingston you a are brainy person and you grow fast to man how do you sleep or something by the way good work keep it up Kingston.

studamyer said...

Hey Kingston I like the way you had been talking about the Niagara falls & the Lguazu. But buy the the way keep up the good work and hope to see your next blog post :)