Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Netbook Reflection

Every thing you do on paper like Writing, reading, maths and topic are so much easier to do on a netbook. Furthermore having a netbook has meant that you can put your
writing in to the Google docs,not like waiting for your turn on the computer. I really like it because you can look up hard questions on Google.

There are many reasons why I didn’t like working on my netbook. Firstly when you are focus on your work you want to look at other things like music,games and pictures. Unfortunately some times my netbook freezes and it get on my nerves.

What if the people that give us the money to get the netbooks said that we have to go back and use paper and pencil? i think we would be disappointed that the netbooks Scheme failed. “It would be boring if we went back to paper and pencil”.

I am happy that we have the netbooks, not paper and pencil because we learnt more while working on them. How do you feel?

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Crusader said...

Hey KingstonP
This is a great blog post. I would not know what it would be like if we had to go back to pencil and paper. That will be not cool. Keep up the great work KingstonP.