Thursday, August 25, 2011


Badminton is really difficult because you have to run to the other side and back to his the shuttle. This is the first time Pt England school has played Badminton. Do you like playing Badminton?
We had two couch's that were pros and had a lot of experience playing. Our first couch had to go because she was going to play badminton in Dunedin. They were really cool, they tort us room 18 kids how to play the sport.
There is two positions to hold the racket, the backhand and the forehand. The backhand you use to serf the shuttle and the forehand you use to hit the shuttle. It sounds easy but it is very challenging.
My favorite game we played was badminton soccer it was cool. Every time I played I kept on going out but it didn’t matter.Things that did matter was that I knew how to play Badminton.
Badminton is one of my favorite sports to play now, I'm going to play that sport when I grow up. What I need to do is to practise,practise,practise and then I will be very good. Badminton is really fun because you can get fit and it is really cool when you know how to play.

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