Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2010 Reflection

What I’ve enjoyed this year is playing lots of games, going to camp and playing sports. My best memories in this class is playing cards and being bored when I have homework detention. Things I’ve in proved the most is maths, reading, writing. I felt proud when I saw the results for maths, reading and writing. Goals that I have next year is using google apps proply and having a cool blog. I think I could work harder at is my reading activities.


Miss K said...

Happy New Year Kingston!
Oh, how sad that your favourite memory is homework detention! :-)
You have had a brilliant year in 2010. Your caring and supportive nature stood out every day of the year.
Your results in our exams were mind blowing, I was so impressed with what you have achieved in Room 14.
Keep up this amazing work and we will see great things from you as a senior student.
Thanks for an awesome year Kingston.
Miss King

Sheena Nettles said...

Hello, Kinston! My name is Sheena Nettles. I taking Dr.Strange's EDM 310 class this semester. This is a very interesting post. I like playing games and going camping too. Playing cards at school sounds like a lot of fun. I did not get a chance to do this while I was in elementary school. I'm proud of you for improving your math, reading and writing. This is a very nice accomplishment. Using Google apps and having a blog are two nice things to have. I wish you the best Kristen!

Tyla-Marie said...

Hey Kingston, It's your cousin Tyla. I see you don't do your homework much. It's so funny that your best memories are playing cards when your on homework detention. I think you just need to know how to spell PROPERLY properly.

From Tyla-Marie room 14